About Us

We are the Montgomery College Environmentally Conscious Organization of Students
The purposes of our organization are:
a) Raise awareness of environmental issues of campus and community
b) Reduction, reuse, and recycling of campus resources
c) Recreation and beautification of campus and community

Any registered student (full or part time), alumni, faculty or staff at Lone Star College–Montgomery who is in good standing with the college and fulfills the membership requirements which coincide with the purpose of the organization is eligible for membership.

Active members include community and campus activities, voting, nominations, serve as an officer, meeting attendance, and fundraising efforts.

We want YOU!(even if you are NOT “Green”)
In order to guarantee equal rights to all members of the Lone Star College–Montgomery student body, equal opportunities shall be afforded to all students without regard to race, color, national/and or ethnic origin, religion, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, veteran status, or physical disability.

Meet Our Adviser

AdviserMike Devoley

Mike Devoley AKA “Captain Planet” 🙂 is a psychology professor at LSC-M and the founding advisor for the MOCO ECOS, which he helped to start back in 2006.  In his “free time” Professor Devoley enjoys hiking, biking and just “being” outdoors with his wife and dog.  Some of his favorite places to go are: Huntsville State Park, Jones State Forest, and Burroughs Park, where you can find birds, butterflies and Professor Devoley whizzing by you on his bike!  See you on the trails!

Meet Our Officers

Crystal Lovelady: President, SGA Rep, Treasurer
Jessica Johnson: Vice President of Marketing
Cali Shairrick: Vice President of Administration
Kirsten Alexander: Secretary
Ana Paz
: Historian


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