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October 20th Meeting Minutes – See What You Missed!

Attendance: 9
Guest Appearances: 2
Location & Time: Outside “A” Building at 1PM
Total Time: 52 Minutes+ Photo shoot by Lech

The following updates are from our meeting on: Monday, October 20, 2008.


Our adviser Mike Devoley said we will get the bottles before National Recycle Day (on 11/17)!

Bad: We are not able to print anything on the bottles.
Good: We can buy more bottles and sell more to teachers and students.

* DISCUSS: Get stickers made of the MOCO ECOS logo?


  • Leah told us we will be receiving 500 veggie-kits along with DVDs and flyers for “Save the turkey Day/ MOCO ECOS Awareness/Nat’l Recycle Day”, thanks to the PETA organization.
  • Transporting the kits to Moco Campus-Leah agreed to, Farah is back up.

* DISCUSS: Should we make Vegan cookies? Directed to Linda Belle.

Guest Appearance!

  • Professor Anita of the LSC Montgomery Biology Department.
  • Discussed her Vegetarian experiences.
  • Rand Key, Senior Vice Chancellor spoke with MOCO ECOS about most common complaints by students: advising and tuition.
  • Nine new architects will be finding solutions. This affects MOCO ECOS because we want an on-campus garden and we need some land to do that. Updates on that are to come…
  • He addressed some environmental issues too, recognizing the need to “go green”.


  • Members must vote on T-shirt logos made by our historian, Linda.
  • You can vote by following Devoley’s instructions to come soon.
  • The logo that wins the most votes will be on the front of the shirt.
  • The back of the shirt will have the 5 R’s: Reuse, Recycle, Respect, Relations, and Recreate.

BRING YOUR OWN SHIRT to Michael Devoley’s office by November 3rd!

  • Any color T-shirt is allowed, but know that the font will be black.
  • The cost is $4 for printing on your shirt.
  • They will be done in a week or so. (We will wear them for Nat’l Recycle Day!)
  • People can order and pay later on if they want a shirt too.

Future Meeting Topics

  • Canvas reusable bags/ working with the Art Department/ incentives & discounts.
  • Woodlands Community activities, Lynn- Woodlands initiatives.
  • Community Farmers Market brought up by Professor Anita
  • National Recycle Day on November 17.
  • Need to get 2 tables, TV, DVD player, Location: Outside of A Building.

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