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What you missed…


 Hello ECOS Club members!

 We had a meeting on October 13th behind A-102 and discussed several topics the club has been working on. Before I discuss the minutes, are any club members available to attend the SGA meetings as a representative on behalf of ECOS? If so, please reply to this e-mail to Professor Devoley and let him know.

 What you missed,…

 Fall Family Fun Festival:

The Festival is definitely on! We will be facepainting and hopefully selling organic chocolate and coffee. Can anyone make it to volunteer a couple hours that day? It is on Saturday, November 21st, from 10AM -2PM.

 Recycling Video:

We’re going to try to have ECOS collaborate with the Green Team on the video.


We’ve been active for many years, and t-shirts are a great way for members to show their support for ECOS. We’ve decided that a DIY approach is the best way to represent the club. Of course, feel free to purchase any ‘green’ wear and put an ECOS tag on it. We know that many of you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a shirt, so they aren’t required to make or buy. We’re trying to work on getting some basic shirts from the college, and finding patches for our club members to use. Any plain shirt will do, though. Another great idea is to use acryclic paint and stencils when making shirts. Jessica Johnson, Vice President of Marketing, had a good idea to put a footprint on the back of t-shirts as a ‘carbon footprint’. To do this we could paint our foot with acrylic paint and just press it on the back of the shirt. If anyone has plain t-shirts or LSC shirts they would like to do this to, bring it to the next meeting and several of us can go ahead and put a footprint on our shirts. Acrylic paint is great for adding designs, so get creative! I’ll bring a few paints to the next meeting for members to use on their shirts if they have them.


We have a new speaker who we’re trying to collaborate with who works for the city of Houston with Mayor White. We’re still working out the details, but she gave a really great speech at Professor Devoley’s church on the process of recycling. We’ll keep you updated when we have the dates done!


 Stay Green! 


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October 20th Meeting Minutes – See What You Missed!

Attendance: 9
Guest Appearances: 2
Location & Time: Outside “A” Building at 1PM
Total Time: 52 Minutes+ Photo shoot by Lech

The following updates are from our meeting on: Monday, October 20, 2008.


Our adviser Mike Devoley said we will get the bottles before National Recycle Day (on 11/17)!

Bad: We are not able to print anything on the bottles.
Good: We can buy more bottles and sell more to teachers and students.

* DISCUSS: Get stickers made of the MOCO ECOS logo?


  • Leah told us we will be receiving 500 veggie-kits along with DVDs and flyers for “Save the turkey Day/ MOCO ECOS Awareness/Nat’l Recycle Day”, thanks to the PETA organization.
  • Transporting the kits to Moco Campus-Leah agreed to, Farah is back up.

* DISCUSS: Should we make Vegan cookies? Directed to Linda Belle.

Guest Appearance!

  • Professor Anita of the LSC Montgomery Biology Department.
  • Discussed her Vegetarian experiences.
  • Rand Key, Senior Vice Chancellor spoke with MOCO ECOS about most common complaints by students: advising and tuition.
  • Nine new architects will be finding solutions. This affects MOCO ECOS because we want an on-campus garden and we need some land to do that. Updates on that are to come…
  • He addressed some environmental issues too, recognizing the need to “go green”.


  • Members must vote on T-shirt logos made by our historian, Linda.
  • You can vote by following Devoley’s instructions to come soon.
  • The logo that wins the most votes will be on the front of the shirt.
  • The back of the shirt will have the 5 R’s: Reuse, Recycle, Respect, Relations, and Recreate.

BRING YOUR OWN SHIRT to Michael Devoley’s office by November 3rd!

  • Any color T-shirt is allowed, but know that the font will be black.
  • The cost is $4 for printing on your shirt.
  • They will be done in a week or so. (We will wear them for Nat’l Recycle Day!)
  • People can order and pay later on if they want a shirt too.

Future Meeting Topics

  • Canvas reusable bags/ working with the Art Department/ incentives & discounts.
  • Woodlands Community activities, Lynn- Woodlands initiatives.
  • Community Farmers Market brought up by Professor Anita
  • National Recycle Day on November 17.
  • Need to get 2 tables, TV, DVD player, Location: Outside of A Building.

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